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2019 Tribe Orientation Tracking - Sheet1 (1).pdf
Document used to track the orientation process of The Tribe. Activities are Deep study: Womanist Read & Womanist Ethics Lens activity, WWC Praxis info, Emergent Strategy book, Tribe Selection

CAC Invitation Template (March 2020).docx
Second draft of the invitation to the Community Advisory Committee

Village Aunties Write-up.docx
Program description for Village Aunties Childcare Co-op. The document explains that there are two tracks: Track A
This track requests parents dedicate 5 hours per month to the cooperative or larger collective. At least 1.5 hours goes towards the…

Scheduling Platform Research task.docx
Research and analysis into three different scheduling platforms: Calendly, SimplePractice, and Google Calendar.

Reconcilitation Ceremony Template.docx
A document outlining a reconciliation ceremony intended to be used within the collective to resolve conflict. The document both sets what the setting of this ceremony should be, how to initiate, roles, text to read aloud, workshop, implementation,…

CAC Draft Notes.docx
A draft and notes related to the Community Advisory Committee invitation. Including WWC info, committee info, background on larger WWC community events, and other ideas.

You’re invited to join our Community Advisory Committee at The Kitchen Table! We’re developing a hand-selected group made up of our most valued community partners and activists. In Womanist Praxis, the  (1).pdf
Flyer invitation to join WWC's Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and The Kitchen Table. Flyer included information on WWC, benefits of joining the CAC, and other details.

Pre- Call-in Prep.docx
A worksheet intended to prepare individuals for Call-ins created to help deescalate conflict within the collective.

Call-ins_Quick Call-in Doc.docx
A worksheet to guide and direct quick call-ins. Call-ins were created to assist in resolving internal conflict within Womanist Working Collective. The Call-in sheet consists of eleven different steps or topics to discuss in the call-in in order to…

WWC Timeline.docx
A timeline of the events and organization developments of WWC from its founding in October 2015 to June 2017. The timeline includes event dates, grants and grant applications, rebranding, reorganizations, and more. At the end of the document is a…
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