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Event Opening _ Intro _ Instructions.docx
Notes for the introduction and opening of Therapist Speed Dating 2018. Includes a moment of silence for Na Wilson, background on self-care, wellness, and mental health among Black women and femmes, about WWC, and other housekeeping notes.

Presentation slides for the Reciprocity: Time Banking Orientation 2020. The presentation includes introductions and ice breakers, background, collective vision, capitalism and its historical contexts, time banking, divestment, and details of the…

Event flyer for the Healers & Helpers workshop event on 24 July 2018. The flyer opens with an Audre Lorde quotes, gives context to self-preservation, self-care, mental health, and wellness. Healers and Helpers brought together mental health…

Mariana Napolitani.pdf
A flyer made for the African National Women's Convention 2019 brochure. "For Black womyn & femmes who have considered womanism when imperialist capitalist white supremacist feminism isn't enuf!"
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