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New Skills Inc. brings you.png
Flyer for the Spring Membership Retreat 2019 including date, time, location, childcare information, and contact information.

Emerging City Champions Final Presentation.pptx
The final presentation for Emerging City Champions given on 17 July 2018. The presentation includes and overview on The Womanist Working Collective and focuses on their work on Reciprocity: A Time Bankings Project. That includes an overview on timeā€¦

To invent your own life_s meaning is not easy, but it_s still allowed, and I think you_ll be happier for the trouble..png
A save the date flyer for the January 2018 Monthly Meeting. Flyer includes date, time, and address for the meeting.

Bio for CW feature.docx
A brief bio contextualizing the background and influences LaTierra uses to inspire her work and activism. This bio was for a feature for CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia
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