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Photograph from The Audre Lorde Syllabus: A Road Map During Times of Paralysis at ICA in 2018

Institute of Contemporary Art, 118 S 36th St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

From left to right: LaTierra Piphus, Johanna James, Krystle's friend from UPenn…

Notes from retreat meeting rehearsal.docx
The agenda for the Vision Mapping Retreat. This includes tasks and people assigned to these tasks, the agenda and time breakdown, and the details to go along with the activities. This includes presentations, activities, and interactions.

Photograph from Membership Engagement: Wine Tasting event, May 2017 at Oxford Mills, 100 W Oxford St, Philadelphia, PA 19122.

Krystle Okafor, Ahnna Scott, Monica Wright (red scarf)
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