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Strategic Planning Agenda (Autosaved).docx
Agenda for the Strategic Planning Meeting at the Spring Membership Retreat 2018 overviewing mission, vision, goals, past accomplishments, and history of organizational structure

Gmail - Invite to Health Status of Black Women and Girls Report - Collaborators Kick-Off Meeting_ 3_31 at 1pm.pdf
An email to the collaborators of the Health Status of Black Girls and Women: Collaborators Kick-Off Meeting. Womanist Working Collective was a collaborator for this event. The email contains meeting information, where and when, including Zoom invites…

Meeting Notes_ 7.10.18.docx
Notes from a 7 July 2018 meeting about The Quality of Life Survey Project. The notes include how to organized and collect data, how long the survey should be, where the surveys will be held, eligibility criteria, testing day party, and schedules of…

To invent your own life_s meaning is not easy, but it_s still allowed, and I think you_ll be happier for the trouble. (9).png
A social media flyer advertising the May 2018 Monthly Membership meeting including the date, time, and location.
20 May 2018, 11 AM- 1 PM, CutureWorks

Fall Strategy 2019.docx
This document is named fall strategy 2019. The actual document says Meetings
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