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Circle of Friends.pdf
Activities and instructions from The Food Project for the Spring Retreat 2018. Activities were Trust Pinball, Trust Box, Trust Wave, and Circle of Friends.

Retreat Logistics.xlsx
Logistics document for the Spring Retreat 2018 with registration numbers for events and agendas

womanist _ PRINCIPLES.pdf
Handout of Womanist Principles for the Spring Retreat 2018 printed from the WWC website.

Strategic Planning Agenda (Autosaved).docx
Agenda for the Strategic Planning Meeting at the Spring Membership Retreat 2018 overviewing mission, vision, goals, past accomplishments, and history of organizational structure

Project Challenge.pdf
Sign-up sheet to help lead, facilitate, plan, projects and programs given at the Spring Membership Retreat208

Membership One-pager.pdf
Handout with schedule and important information for the Spring Retreat 2018. Handout includes important models, systems, and graphics used in their philosophy, a brief schedule, and other important information.

Menu and meal times for the Spring Retreat 2018
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