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The flyer for the Mama's Day Party 2018 fundraising event that includes a short description, time, date, location, how to buy tickets, and contact information.

An event agreement for WWC Culture and Community Outreach Day 2018 at The Rotunda in Philadelphia. The agreements outlines the day, time, admission fee, and equipment needs.

Notes from retreat meeting rehearsal.docx
The agenda for the Vision Mapping Retreat. This includes tasks and people assigned to these tasks, the agenda and time breakdown, and the details to go along with the activities. This includes presentations, activities, and interactions.

Flyer for the Vision Mapping Retreat day 22 July 2017. The flyer includes the retreat activities ( time bank orientation, team building, stategic planning & much more) and a list of intentions (build relationships. commune around Black Liberation,…

Workshop Proposal List.docx
A workshop proposal for Black Women Herstory Day Community Led Teach-in 2017.

Triibe Lyfe
It includes the break down of each section and the time allotted to each section. This includes and introduction, a food demonstration, and energy healing…

Event Agreement with The Rotunda for the Black Women Herstory Month community led teach-in event in 2017. The document outlines the details of the event including time, date, help and assistance that might be needed as well as the signatures and…
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