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Village Aunties Write-up.docx
Program description for Village Aunties Childcare Co-op. The document explains that there are two tracks: Track A
This track requests parents dedicate 5 hours per month to the cooperative or larger collective. At least 1.5 hours goes towards the…

Emerging City Champions Final Presentation.pptx
The final presentation for Emerging City Champions given on 17 July 2018. The presentation includes and overview on The Womanist Working Collective and focuses on their work on Reciprocity: A Time Bankings Project. That includes an overview on time…

Teach-in details.docx
A planning document used for the Black Womanist Herstory Day Community Led Teach-in in 2017. The document is incomplete and reflects more of a mental checklist. Categories present are food, accessibility, childcare, resources, facilitators, vendors,…
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