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Gmail - Invite to Health Status of Black Women and Girls Report - Collaborators Kick-Off Meeting_ 3_31 at 1pm.pdf
An email to the collaborators of the Health Status of Black Girls and Women: Collaborators Kick-Off Meeting. Womanist Working Collective was a collaborator for this event. The email contains meeting information, where and when, including Zoom invites…

Vision Mapping Presentation _ Workshop.pptx
Presentation Slides from the Vision Mapping Retreat Day on 22 July 2017. The presentation includes member introductions, WWC structural and organizational overview, project and event updates, goals for the vision mapping retreat, organizational…

September 15 - Meeting.pptx
The PowerPoint presentation from the September 2017 Monthly Meeting including agenda, project updates, announcements, events, and a discussion on reciprocity.
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