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CMXD 2020 Vending Application.pdf
An empty vendor application for the Claim Malcolm X Day Philadelphia. Including a contract, vending description and items that will be sold, prices, payment information and more.

Kinks conference proposals.docx
Two workshop proposals for the Kink, Locks, & Twists Conference 2018 in Philadelphia.

The first proposal is "Divestin' from Capitalism, Investin' in Ecological Justice: Time Banking 101" and introduces audiences to time banking as an alternative…

LGBT Womanism.docx
"Inherent Queerness of Womanism" Workshop agenda for the Black Sister Summit hood in Brooklyn, NY.

Facilitated by Johanna, Cierra, and Lena Queen of Womynism Sacred Circle

Photograph from Sisterhood Summit 2017

10 June 2017, Tanya Fields as Keynote Speaker

Photograph from Membership Engagement: Wine Tasting event, May 2017 at Oxford Mills, 100 W Oxford St, Philadelphia, PA 19122.

Krystle Okafor, Ahnna Scott, Monica Wright (red scarf)
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