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Emerging City Champions Final Presentation.pptx
The final presentation for Emerging City Champions given on 17 July 2018. The presentation includes and overview on The Womanist Working Collective and focuses on their work on Reciprocity: A Time Bankings Project. That includes an overview on time…

Fundraising Brainstorm (1).pdf
A brainstorming list for arts and nonprofits to raise money and fundraise. Broken down into sections Sales, Partnerships and Collaborations, Sdie Gig, Grants, and Business and Corporate Partnerships. An extensive 9 page two column list.

Part of…

Fundraising Beyond Grants (1).pdf
This presentation was given by Brittany Campese of Vision Driven Consulting. The presentation is directed for small nonprofits to begin to think about finances and capital in ways beyond just grants and grant writing. Some suggestions are getting…
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