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Strategic Planning Agenda (Autosaved).docx
Agenda for the Strategic Planning Meeting at the Spring Membership Retreat 2018 overviewing mission, vision, goals, past accomplishments, and history of organizational structure

Scheduling Platform Research task.docx
Research and analysis into three different scheduling platforms: Calendly, SimplePractice, and Google Calendar.

Vision Mapping Presentation _ Workshop.pptx
Presentation Slides from the Vision Mapping Retreat Day on 22 July 2017. The presentation includes member introductions, WWC structural and organizational overview, project and event updates, goals for the vision mapping retreat, organizational…

Call-ins_Quick Call-in Doc.docx
A worksheet to guide and direct quick call-ins. Call-ins were created to assist in resolving internal conflict within Womanist Working Collective. The Call-in sheet consists of eleven different steps or topics to discuss in the call-in in order to…

CTGP_Application Budget Template.xls
A budgeting worksheet created by CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia given to the Womanist Working Collective by their fiscal sponsor to help them budget.

Flyer for the Vision Mapping Retreat day 22 July 2017. The flyer includes the retreat activities ( time bank orientation, team building, stategic planning & much more) and a list of intentions (build relationships. commune around Black Liberation,…

WWC Timeline.docx
A timeline of the events and organization developments of WWC from its founding in October 2015 to June 2017. The timeline includes event dates, grants and grant applications, rebranding, reorganizations, and more. At the end of the document is a…

Org Development _ Infrastructure.docx
A document outlining The Womanist Working Collective infrastructural development planning and processing. Broken down into "De-colonization & Reconstructions," "Dismantling Systems," "Divestment Projects."
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