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womanist _ PRINCIPLES.pdf
Handout of Womanist Principles for the Spring Retreat 2018 printed from the WWC website.

Presentation slides for the Reciprocity: Time Banking Orientation 2020. The presentation includes introductions and ice breakers, background, collective vision, capitalism and its historical contexts, time banking, divestment, and details of the…

Emerging City Champions Final Presentation.pptx
The final presentation for Emerging City Champions given on 17 July 2018. The presentation includes and overview on The Womanist Working Collective and focuses on their work on Reciprocity: A Time Bankings Project. That includes an overview on time…

Mustard Black Minimalist Etsy Shop Icon (1).png
Website banner for WWC. "The Womanist Working Collective: Community Organizing, Self-Care, Philanthropy." Purple background with yellow flowers.
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