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Self assessment worksheet for the Self-Care Workshop 2018.Includes a scale of ?,0-3 and is separated into physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, relationship, professional, and overall balance in terms of self-care.

Adapted from…

Layout_Good Pitch.docx
A directions taken from Classy's "How to Nail Your Nonprofit’s Elevator Pitch" applied to make a guide and worksheet for the The Womanist Working Collective. This is intended for them to better advertise and pitch their organization successfully. It…

Communities of practice (CoP) worksheet.docx
A worksheet by Womanist Working Collective. The document outlines that community of practice are groups of people who share a passion for something they do , and who interact regularly to learn how to do it better. . The key ingredients are a…

Notes from retreat meeting rehearsal.docx
The agenda for the Vision Mapping Retreat. This includes tasks and people assigned to these tasks, the agenda and time breakdown, and the details to go along with the activities. This includes presentations, activities, and interactions.

self care assessment and planning.pdf
A self assessment for the Self-Care Workshop 2018. The assessment uses a grading scale of 1-5 and is split into sections of self-care: Physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual. The second page of the worksheet invites people to develop their…

Membership One-pager.pdf
Handout with schedule and important information for the Spring Retreat 2018. Handout includes important models, systems, and graphics used in their philosophy, a brief schedule, and other important information.
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