Notes for the Community College of Philadelphia's Black Lives Matter Panel 2017

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Notes for the Community College of Philadelphia's Black Lives Matter Panel 2017


WWC workshop notes for the Community College of Philadelphia's Black Lives Matter Panel


WWC workshop notes for the Community College of Philadelphia's Black Lives Matter Panel. The notes were created by LaTierra Piphus. They include the goal, mission, sociopolitical issues in Philadelphia, current issues resulting from the federal government, modes of resistance (as it relates to WWC projects), past programming, and other WWC info.


LaTierra Piphus


26 February 2017

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Our ultimate work is p
rotecting and sustaining the lives & livelihood of Black women, girls & femmes (with an emphasis on Black Trans and NB folks who often is lost in the shuffle or intentionally ignored); We do work to address the Trauma that Black women, girls & femmes face through self-care and resistance
We provide opportunities for local civic engagement via community organizing.

We don’t do our work for applause or recognition or optics. We are here to center Black women, girls and Femmes.

We like to address the nuances and microaggressions Black women, femmes and girls experience like Dog-whistle Politics we experience in the workplace and media
Attacks on our value and humanity and worth

We collect around Womanism, Black Feminism & the collective liberation and empowerment for women across the African diaspora through community organizing, strategic philanthropy and intentional self-care practice.

Our current methods to addressing these issues are to provide these Black women with community in a way that does not ignore the very real impact the Systems of Oppression have on our psyches and daily lives. We address these issues in a way that empowers and rejuvenates our whole being internally with our self-care models and externally through sisterhood and organizing.

Philly’s issues
● Deep Poverty
● Rapid Gentrification
○ Displacing families, mothers & their children, elderly-someone’s grandmother
● Inaccessible housing amounts
○ No Evictions
○ 3 times the rent to move in (that’s not normal)
● Collusion in Government
● Non-profit industrial complex
○ Workplace violence and exploitation
● Police Brutality
● Gender & orientation not protected
● No Fair Funding formula - Under resources schools
● Workers Rights
● Education
○ Push-out
○ School-to-Prison Pipelines

Issues under #45:
● The Neo-liberalism & Fascist regime
● Healthcare stripped
● Social services programs (stamps, medicaid, rent assistance) stripped, which many WOC depend on
● Muslim registry - muslim women
● Mexico Wall- Mexican women
● DAPL Pipeline-Native women
● Planned Parenthood-WOC & poor women -unsafe abortions
● Sanctuary cities defunded-immigrant women
● LGB - de-legitimizing gay marriage, aids funding stripped, more homophobia
● T - hormones defunded from Planned Parenthood, brutality rates sky rocket
● Sex workers-harsher penalty, less resources
● HIV/Aids funding stripped
● Single parenthood get much harder
● Greater Police Brutality/state sanctioned violence expected - Fascism
● Greater sexual assault & DV expected, sex trafficking
● Greater homelessness expected
● Greater push out & school to prison pipe lining
● Forcing greater reliance on private funding like from foundations & angel donors, churches, etc.

● strengthening our tools for self-determination
● Organizing & mobilizing our resources-Hour Time or Hour world/Time Sharing - resource, skills, merchandise, food
● Example: Racist Application of Policies: we been making something out of nothing, like when the great depression made the US poorer and intentionally excluded sharecroppers and domestic workers from reaping the benefits of LBJ’s “Great Deal”
Divestment Projects Co-op: slowly rolling out - longer term solutions - Not participating in this system/ Capitalism/Imperialism as much as we can

Community Education: our ancestors/foremothers & fathers, those whose shoulders we stand on and footsteps we walk in, have given us the tools we need to

How can Accomplices show up?
By mobilizing their skills, resources and talents in defense of POC, LGBTQIA, Disabled, Poor people, those most impacted - too offset the trauma and the effects to this administrations inflicted tragedy; Perfect example, NYC’s lawyer group showing up to the Airport as incoming Muslims we being detained, they were working pro-bono to prepare habeus corpus (a writ requiring a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court, especially to secure….

The on-going projects we are leading:
● Community Organizing (Collective Work and Responsibility)
○ Self-Determination: Divestment Projects
■ Divesting from Capitalism: Time-Banking
● Collective Cooperative Time-banking - Part 1 (Launching Spring 2017)
● Community-wide Cooperative Time-Banking - Part 2 (Summer or Fall 2017)
○ Cooperative Economics: Co-op Housing & Headquarters
■ Securing office space and organizing space
■ Developing a housing co-op to circumvent homelessness for collective and community members
○ Community Education
■ Community workshops, teach-ins, presentations

● Philanthropy(Cooperative Economics) - Building our infrastructure to fund and fundraiser for local community causes and groups
○ Care Package Project - Donations to first-generation college students, incarcerated juveniles girls, families in poverty
● Unity: Self Care (Self-care as Community Care/Collective Care)
○ De-colonization & Reconstruction
■ Self-care (Trauma-Informed Care & Liberation Health Models)
● Peer Support (Faith; Purpose)
○ Sisterhood Events/Community-Building - Any time we spend in community together
● Internal (Purpose)
○ Workshops or events that support and heal

Past Programming
Community Organizing:
● Community education workshops
● Temple’s Media Literacy & People of Color
● White Privilege Conference People of Color & Media Literacy
● NEQTPOC Conference Womanism & Community Organizing
● Supporting the work of the BBWC
● Branching into learning about cooperatives
● Fighting Misogynoir: Centering ALL Black women & femmes
● Outreach tables/self-care workshops
● Free Bresha
● Take back the Night Philly march 2016

● Sisterhood/Collective Building
● Self-care as community care
● Mini-retreats
● Movie Nights followed by dialogue
● Attending poetry events
● Burning Bowl Ceremony

● -Donated websites/web design skills, marketing/advertising support, donation drive to LGBT House of Hope (formerly Divine Light)
● Miscellaneous: Our first housing grant recipient will be supported for 6 months

● Women’s History Month Social Media Campaign with Sister Circle Collective
● Philanthropy: Donation Drive for Divine Light Shelter
● Community Organizing: NEQTPOC Conference-A Non-comprehensive Guide on Building community rooted in Womanism & Black Feminism
● Community Organizing: Take Back the Night - Philly (partnership)
● Self-care/Outreach: UHURU Health Festival - Self-care bag station
● Community Organizing: Black & Brown Workers Collective

● Community Futures Lab/Black Quantum Futurism/AfroFuturism
● The Women’s Solo Project
● Girls Leadership Camp/Sojourner Truth Walk
● Franny Lou’s Porch
● Womynism - The Sexual Liberation Group
● #GirlTrek
● Uhuru Health Festival
● March to End Rape Culture - Take Back the Night Philly
● Philly Socialists
● Social Changher
● Sappho’s Way
● The Brown Grrlz Project
● Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence
● Horizontal Oppression and discrimination
● Degradation of Black women and femmes labor (whether physical, emotional or political)

Community Led Teach-in
We are responding to the proverbial call-to-action alarms that were set off when Trump was elected president.

● The goals of this event is to mobilize local resources, community organizers (who are currently operating in “silos” around the city), and local residents to action.
● As we are faced with many cuts and devolution of social service programs, resources and access to resources are sure to become even more scarce.
● Communities are expected become more divided and folks may feel powerless and hopeless.
● We want to create an infrastructure for residents to learn about the impact of our community issues and to get connected to groups fighting back, so no one feels isolated.
● Feelings of isolation lead to depression, anxiety and suicide, which instances become even greater for marginalized populations like the ones we are serving.
● Organizations like ours knew it would only mean devastation for our communities and organizers doing Liberation Work with close to nothing already.
● We know that the time for new organizing, alliances and collaborative projects are needed to help circulate the minimal resources we have in order to organize to the best of our ability.
● Our upcoming Black Womanist Herstory Day: Community Led Teach-in taking place on Saturday, February 25, 2017 is expected to encourage new partnerships, new membership and teach various organizing strategies which we will surely need over the next four years.

● “The most effective way to do it, is to do it!” -Toni Cade Bombara

● “I am who I am, doing what I came to do” -Audre Lorde

● “Be Profoundly Experimental with your life because your life is the Primary Sacred Text” -APG

● Black Feminist Theory is God’s Word; Womanism is God in Practice-Liberation work
● They are intertwined, they feed off of each other

● The Womanism Praxis of Harriet Tubman freeing our people (or at least the one’s who knew they were enslaved) informs the text that Black Feminist Theorists write and cite and create methodologies and reference for; Womanists take those texts and practice them in the communities they serve; Black Panthers were Womanists -Me

● “The ceremony must be found” - APG

● “I am young Harriet - guiding my people to freedom” -Me

● “The ceremony is not complete until the people are there. -APG

● “The people are the energy that activate the space” -APG

● “Don’t let perfect get in the way of better” -Marsha Philitas

● “I practice failure everyday; not reckless and make the mistakes in order to grow; Perfect forecloses better.” We’re learning!

Womanism, or womanist theory, is a conceptual framework that captures the history, breadth, continuity, and diversity of Black women in pursuit of
human solidarity and social justice. Womanism extends our knowledge of communication by providing a critical context for examining Black women’s lived communicative experiences, taking into account the material circumstances and ideological positions of African American (or Black diasporic) women.

● Alice Walker gave name to Womanism
● Black Southern Culture of labeling black girls Womanish as
● Returning back to African Collectivism instead of the Colonizer’s Individualism and addressing the barriers (The Master’s Tools) that prevent that like Colonization, Patriarchy’s Sexism & Misogyny, Homophobia, Transphobia, Classism, Elitism
● Womanism is the vehicle we use to access Black Liberation

Time Banking:
A time bank is a reciprocity-based work trading system in which hours are the currency. With time banking, a person with one skill set can bank and trade hours of work for equal hours of work in another skill set instead of paying or being paid for services.
Members share their talents and services, record their hours, then 'spend' them later on services they want. Everyone's hours are equal. There is no barter. These are friendly, neighborly favors. Together we are restoring local community currency based on relationships.



LaTierra Piphus, “Notes for the Community College of Philadelphia's Black Lives Matter Panel 2017,” Womanist Working Collective Archive, accessed May 23, 2022,

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