July 4th Anti-Colonialism Event Art Installation notes

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July 4th Anti-Colonialism Event Art Installation notes


Notes and Information for and about the July 4th Anti-Colonialism Event


Notes and Information for and about the July 4th Anti-Colonialism Event 2017. The document includes missions, chants, and quotes for inspiration, information on colonialism, and womanism.


Womanist Working Collective


4 July 2017

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The Womanist Working Collective centers the livelihood of Black women/womyn, transwomen, girls, femmes & Gender Non-Conforming or Non-binary folks. Our survival depends on the denouncement, divestment and dismantle of the Imperialist White Supremacist Capitalist CisHeteroPatriarchy. This month, we’d like to remind everyone that “independence day” has never meant independence for the Black people in America. The racialized state sanctioned violence, on-going political warfare on disenfranchised communities and ever-expanding economic inequality that has kept Black folks in bondage for centuries.
Our Support & Social Action collective centers the lives and livelihood of Black women/womyn, transwomen, girls, femmes & Gender Non-Conforming or Non-binary folks.
We utilize Womanism Praxis as a vehicle to Black Liberation. We are here for the collective progression & empowerment of folks throughout the African-diaspora through community organizing, strategic philanthropy and intentional self-care practice.
● “It is our duty to fight for our freedom.
It is our duty to win.
We must love each other and PROTECT/support each other.
We have nothing to lose but our chains.” ― Assata Shakur, Assata: An Autobiography
● “The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house.”-Audre Lorde
● To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious, is to be in a rage almost all the time.
● An exercise in rejecting being complicit in our own demise!
● Starve Them & Stop Them -- Divest from these Systems --They need us more than we need them!
“The Disease”
Welcome to The Hospital of American Oppression where we cause all the problems and give you none of the cures. Lol, I mean there is no money in the cure, why would we actually solve the problem?

My name is Dr. “Tell-It-Like-It-Is” and thank you for your patience. We know the waiting room is packed to capacity, but we have no intention of fixing anyone’s issues, especially not the ones we’ve created.

We’ve finally nailed down a proper diagnosis for your loved one… “The Beloved Black Community”

It seems as though your loved one suffers from Colonialism. This nasty gateway disease has spread all over their bodies, minds and even infiltrated their spirits. Since this infection spread, it has reproduced and morphed into several other major diseases such as White Supremacy, Capitalism, CisSexism, Heteronormativity and Patriarchy.
And of course, these additional diseases come with their own set of symptoms. But, that’s for another conversation…
However, from Colonialism, the symptoms your loved one might experience are:
Mind/Psychological Impacts
1. Impaired state of mental health due to the weight of Colonialism
2. Depression from experiencing oppression many folks think is a myth
3. Anxiety from living in a country where they’re in an unrelenting War on Black Bodies...They are those Black bodies.
4. Extreme hypervigilance and paranoia from the White Gaze
5. Minority Stress-This is chronically high levels of stress faced by members of stigmatized minority groups, like the ones they’re part of
6. Trauma both historical and present-day
7. Internalized Racism, more commonly known today as Internalized Anti-Blackness (So hating the color of your skin and anything related to your native culture that does not align with White Supremacist’s Colonialism)
8. Indoctrination- The process brainwashing Black folks with ideas, attitudes, cognitive strategies or professional methodologies that support the idea that “White is Right” & Colonialism’s Civility is to be aspired to
9. Trivializing African-American Venacular English and anything other than Standard American English

1. Poor health outcomes due to living in poverty this country created, poor food choices in the neighborhoods heavily populated by Black people and of course the racialized state sanctioned violence
2. Sterilization on Black prisoners causing Generational Genocide
3. Motivation to Change their physical appearance to adhere to European Beauty Standards (i.e. bleaching their skin, hating their natural hair enough to straighten it, adhering to Eurocentric ideals of gender/gender presentation
4. Policing, criminalization & mass incarceration
5. Rape & the hypersexualization of Black bodies as a commodity and object for White Gaze
6. Murder, Murder, Murder, Murder, Murder!!!!!
1. Bringing us organized religion that taught us that even our creator hated us
2. Introducing us to the “Saved vs. The Damned” dichotomy that is your Protestant worship
3. Creating and reinforcing the idea that we are of lesser value, are not worthy of anything good unless given by you
1. Poverty linked to the Have & Have Nots this Colonialist-Capitalist structure breeds
2. Disposability Politics
3. Perpetuating Inaccessible spaces for disabled and low-income folks
4. Exploitation
5. Gentrification/Displacement
6. Economic Inequality
7. Trivializing your culture, cuisine and language (i.e. African-American Vernacular English and anything other than Standard American English)

There is, however, a cure; it’s called “Decolonization”. And no you can’t purchase it from your local pharmacy. The only way to acquire said cure is through Education, Home Remedies and Extensive Radical Liberation Work.

So take this list back to your people and follow these instructions… (See Womanism as a Vehicle to Black Liberation)



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