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Kinks, Locks & Twists Workshop Proposals


Two workshop proposals for the Kink, Locks, & Twists Conference 2018 in Philadelphia


Two workshop proposals for the Kink, Locks, & Twists Conference 2018 in Philadelphia.

The first proposal is "Divestin' from Capitalism, Investin' in Ecological Justice: Time Banking 101" and introduces audiences to time banking as an alternative economic model.

The second proposal is "A DIY Workshop o #Womanism as a Vehicle for Black Liberation" is a Womanism workshop for beginners introducing them to the founding and social thought of Womanism and how it connects to collective liberation.

Both proposals were accepted.


Womanist Working Collective


4 January 2018

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Kinks, Locks & Twists: Environmental and Reproductive Justice Conference
We are currently accepting proposals for workshops at KLT 2017!
KLT provides a unique space for women, gender non-conforming, and trans people of color to explore connections between beauty, health, wellness and Environmental Justice. Whether you are a seasoned community organizer, youth leader, scholar, artist, beauty professional or DIY enthusiast — we encourage you to submit a workshop proposal!
Our theme this year is #LoveSowGrow –— our roots, our seeds, our future. It is a call to embrace our roots as people of color, recognize our potential, and invest in ourselves as leaders to shape a self-determined future. We hope this theme inspires you as you develop your proposal!
We are looking for workshops that:
● Provide information about Reproductive Justice, health and wellness for women, gender non-conforming, and trans people of color
● Provide information about Environmental Justice
● Explore the intersections of Environmental and Reproductive Justice
● Uplift histories of women, gender non-conforming, and trans people of color
● Feature hands-on / DIY activities
● Teach concrete skills
● Offer insight or discussion on organizing strategies
We aim to create a highly dynamic and generative conference space. If you have another idea for a workshop that would be great for KLT 2017, we want to hear about it!
Click here to submit a workshop proposal.
The deadline to submit workshop proposals is Friday, July 7.
We will be accepting workshops on a rolling basis. The absolute latest you will hear from us is Friday, July 14. Please email with any questions.
We will provide two nights of housing for accepted presenters who are traveling from out of town.

Workshop Proposal #1
Divestin’ from Capitalism, Investin’ in Ecological Justice: Time Banking 101
This workshop is a brief orientation to the concept of Time Banking as a method of developing feasible economic alternative to transition out of the tragedy that is Capitalism. Time banking is a practical tool that enables cooperation, interdependence and self-determination. For The Womanist Working Collective, this service exchange system is a network of collective members, grassroots organizations and Black Owned Businesses operating cooperatively to provide services and resources, bank their hours and then exchange those hours to get their own needs met. Our futures depend on transitioning into more Ecologically Just* ways of living, instead of merely surviving off the scraps of our current system.

*[Ecologically Just] Ecological justice (JUSTICE BASED ON APPLIED KNOWLEDGE OF HOME) Ecological Justice is the state of balance between human communities and healthy ecosystems based on thriving, mutually beneficial relationships and participatory self-governance. We see Ecological Justice as the key frame to capture our holistic vision of a better way forward.

Workshop Proposal #2
A DIY Workshop on #Womanism as a Vehicle to Black Liberation
This is a practical, yet creative Womanism 101 workshop for Beginners-Intermediate learners. We will work(shop) through how this social change concept, made mainstream through Walker’s 1983 book “In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens: Womanist Prose”, can be used as a vehicle towards individual and collective liberation. Additionally, participants can look forward to activities that map out their own Journey through Womanism and identifying their collective value systems. Contrary to what the name suggests, this framework can be utilized and embraced by folks of every gender or no-gender.



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