Sisterhood Summit 2018 Proposal

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Sisterhood Summit 2018 Proposal


Proposal for the 2018 Sisterhood Summit


The proposal for the 2018 Sisterhood Summit hosted by The Black Girl Project. The proposal is called "WOMANISM as a Community-based Practice" Interactive Workshop.


Womanist Working Collective


15 April 2018

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Sisterhood Summit 2018
“WOMANISM as a Community-based Practice” Interactive Workshop

"Nobody's free until everybody's free." - Fannie Lou Hamer

This presentation will explore how we can come to access holistic Black Liberation through the Alice Walker’s theory of Womanism. Contrary to what the name suggests, this concept can be embraced by folks of every gender or no-gender. We will work(shop) through how this theoretical concept, made mainstream through Walker’s book “In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens: Womanist Prose”, manifests in our everyday lives and the work we do within our collective communities.

Tags: Womanism, Black Feminism, Healing, Community-building, Liberation Health framework

Sisterhood Summit Proposals 2018



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