Quality of Life Survey Revisions 5 August 2018

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Quality of Life Survey Revisions 5 August 2018


Revisions and notes about the Quality of Life Survey


This document is presented as a spreadsheet and contains notes, thoughts, and revisions to the Quality of Life Survey for WWC's intended project. Some revisions include word changes, clarifications, and layout problems.


Womanist Working Collective


5 August 2018

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Survey numbers -- error. Number jump into the hundred. Didn't feel invasive; some questions are awkward to answer in purpose. Felt uncomfortable disclosing certain info with their name associated with it--Maybe folks can create their own alias. Name associated with their name (ask Johanna more about this); Facilitating the surveys in-person, leaving out names; See their notes.Have proctors to tell participants to put "N/A" if applicable; How do you define household question and household income question? Ask rather what your household composition? Checkboxes/multiple choice work, not radio buttons; What makes a good/content Quality of Life? question, possibly rank them? Having open-ended question at the beginning or end. What kind of supports would ehance their quality of life, a good way end the survey--open ended question. It felt long to some folks; Consider cutting the questions down. Add "Is knowing your city officials and important to you?" Can we add a 1/30 questions showign you how far you've gotten? someone asked for; Add options to skip.

Zip code that you live in, not where you're taking the survey.
List gender pronoun descriptions or definitions Totally! Do you have a some good descriptions that I can use?

Household size-define or specify whether you mean dependents or anyone under your same roof; question excludes borders or collective house residents with roommates I will work with this, and put some new language in the space by Wednesday---DT.

"Content Life" need more clarification Yes! How so?
The scale bar isn't in alignment with the 0 -10 question Ughh I noticed this. Survey monkey is on my nerves. Will fix

Satisfied w/ aspects of my life; question needs to be rephrased or expanded Hear you! What do you suggest?
Clarify purposeful and meaningful Any suggestions?

Define "count on"; add "if applicable"; add "or elderly parents" Will do
Stressed, not stressful Will do
Expand responses What do you mean? Add more? If so, which ones?
list "not a parent" as an option; clarify "practice" I'm not sure this comment is matched with the question I'm seeing? 21 is the one about experiencing things in the last 3 months

Specify which health you mean (physical, mental, emotional, etc) Totally. I think I meant it as a catchall of all three? I can definitely break them apart
Is a repeat question Will do
Rephrase or clarify How so?

Rephrase or clarify Done. I'll clarify what is meant by "activities"

Edit; Scale not aligned Will do

Answer should be edited Will do

Question about household--what does this mean for adults with roommates or other housing structures I can definitely add examples for clarity or just change the wording? I think this question is trying to get at exposure, more than anything else
Edit; needs to be listed with age ranges as radio dials I'm not sure I can do dials, but I can make it a multiple choice with age ranges!

Questions about suicide needs to be prefaced Yes! What should we say? Also I think maybe we need to include a warning at the start of the survey, too. And make sure we really work on making a safe space before folks take it in person.

List an option for "N/A" I can create survey logic that will enable folks who say "yes" to skip this question

Rephrase How so?

Weird question Some philly folks only engage in politics at this level. I didn't want to just jump to council people or mayor? Maybe I can make this district rep, or another in between political office that most folks are familiar with?

List "N/A" option I created logic when I made this the first time! I don't think it duplicated when I re-did the survey, I'm sorry! I'll add it again
Question maybe irrevalent see comment from q. 62
List "N/A" option see comment from q. 62

??? What are your thoughts?
Where does this question lead? Yeah, I feel like this is one of the questions that can go

Define family traditions; why do we need this info? Yeah, I feel like this is one of the questions that can go rethinking this after getting a few more responses. they are all so different and beautiful
Answers need work How so?
Spelling error; Not everyone encounters children I can definitely add that as a response

Needs reworking How so?

List "N/A" as an option Totally, though the survey logic may also fix this

Where does this question lead? I think it's a preface to the next question about trusting the courts? Folks who have been through the process recently, vs folks who haven't. Can totally go, though ahah

Edits needed; scale not aligned Will do

Languaging in answers needs editing Will do
A portion of this survey pertains to parents. Is there a way to opt out of those questions? Based on the asterisk, it does not seem like you can skip over them. Maybe some of those questions can be optional. I do not feel I can answer those questions if I am not a parent.

Spelling errors Will do
"family" Will make this language more specific, inclusive

Use check boxes, not radio dials Will do

Edit or rephrasing The lack of logic fails here again. One is only supposed to see this option if they only have housing "sometimes"
List "N/A" option The lack of logic fails here again. One is only supposed to see this option if they only have housing "sometimes"
Other notes: Take the required question function off. This jawn definitely didn't transfer the logic, which would have made this easy for you! I would also maybe include an option of "I prefer not to answer," but I feel it's important to try to get as much data as possible. Taking the requirements off might make that a little tough?



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