Therapist Speed Dating 2018 event introduction and opening notes

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Therapist Speed Dating 2018 event introduction and opening notes


Notes for the introduction and opening of Therapist Speed Dating 2018


Notes for the introduction and opening of Therapist Speed Dating 2018. Includes a moment of silence for Na Wilson, background on self-care, wellness, and mental health among Black women and femmes, about WWC, and other housekeeping notes.


Womanist Working Collective


23 July 2018

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This week Nia Wilson of Oakland, CA was murdered by a white man while she was exiting a train with her older sister, Latifa. Latifa survived but is in critical condition, while Nia is no longer on this earth spiritually. Can we have a moment of silence for Nia Wilson?

Patterns of interpersonal and systemic attacks on Black women & femmes are not rare or isolated incidences. We experience these things daily, whether its street harassment while we’re outside, or workplace violence from co-workers or supervisors, or abuse inflicted by a partner or family member, or state-sanctioned violence by the cops or child welfare system, or carefully created poverty created from Capitalism...we’re carrying so much, often times with little to no support or support systems.

We have to stop pretending like these things don’t affect us because it does; We have to move away from this narrative that we can’t ever be vulnerable (vulnerability is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign that we are human...not superwoman, not work-horses, not punching bags, not floormats;

We are divine and inherently valuable! We make miracles out of nothing everyday and we are divine beings most definitely, but we are still human and we need the same support we’re expected to show everyone else. Disrupt the narrative that we can or should deal with everything we’re holding on our own. We should not. We have to disrupt this narrative if we are ever going to change the way we are experiencing this world.

We can’t get free this way. We need each other. Self-care is also a community care project. So, what we hope you find today is support either from the therapists, other participants in this room or by joining our collective.

So thank you for showing up for yourself on International Self-care Day 2018. Coming here to this event is you prioritizing your wellness and making a commitment to center your continuous healing and internal work so that you can deal with the external work we must do as a community.

As Black women and femmes, we are rarely if ever encouraged to take care of ourselves. We often spend a lot of time shouldering everyone else’s burdens while struggling to manage our own, prioritizing everyone elses needs but our own and sacrificing so much of ourselves just to see other do okay. While those may be the roles society expects us to fill, I’m here to tell you that it’s not healthy nor sustainable.

Imagine yourself as a well full of water. People fetch their pales from our water reserve everyday, but how often do they pour back into us? How often do we pour back into ourselves? Sometime we don’t and that well runs dry and we experience burnout and depression and unbelievable amounts of stress and exhaustion.

Thats no way to live… That is a poor Quality of Life and you deserve better. We deserve better.

In a society that is hellbent on our destruction because of our race, our gender, our class status, our sexualty and hypersexual narratives ascribed to us, our gender presentation and identities, our disability status and every other intersecting identity we move through this world carrying Moving through this world and Black women and femmes can be traumatic. Navigating White Supremacy’s Racism and anti-blackness, Capitalism’s Classism and poverty, Patriachy’s sexism and misogynoir, Heteronormativity’s homophobia, Cissexism’s Transphobia...all these things become daily compounding traumas on our spirit, our pschyes, our emotional well-being, our physical bodies.

WE (ourselves) can’t afford to practice that same level of neglect. We can’t survive with a scarcity mindset, we have to move in abundance.

So speaking of “Quality of Life”... the work of the collective is to figure out how we as Black women and femmes can have full, whole, abundant quality of life regardless of what society has convinced us that we deserve. We all have so many amazing gifts and talents; we even have the ability to heal ourselves-Emancipate ourselves

About the collective
The Womanist Working Collective is a social action and support collective for Black womyn (both cis & trans), femmes & gender non-conforming folks. Our Community of Practice unapologetically centers our Quality of Life and livelihoods through Community Organizing, Philanthropy and Self-care.
● The language we’re using today femme, womyn (in the most expansive sense of the word)
● Healers & Helpers - We have the ability to heal and help ourselves, but no one says it will be easy. There will almost certainly be difficult moments on you’ll need some support on that healing journey because we all do. We all need someone. Our liberation is tied to our interdependence.
● Mention all the amazing volunteers would made this event possible
● Thanks for the museum staff, Kim Hall-Jackson and Ivan Henderson
● Housekeeping - Bathrooms, childcare room,

PACA - bi monthly, 2 hours meetings- serve on a committee/ad hoc, help fundraising,
3 open positions-2-3 year terms, support in helping sustain the org, ambassador, undergoing a strategic plan, future planning --meeting during the week evenings; appointment or co-op nominations; December or January 2019, election in early November
1. Board elections - PACA
2. Direct leadership, low-income - advisory committee, income, 3-4 times, guide strategic direction, navigate opportunities to develop; quarterly meetings, 4-6 people, 3-4 hour meeting, maybe even training for leadership, September/October
Suggested folks for these opportunities
WWC has an interest in joining PACA

Nov 7th - annual meeting



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