Scheduling Platform research and analysis

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Scheduling Platform research and analysis


Research and analysis into different scheduling platforms


Research and analysis into three different scheduling platforms: Calendly, SimplePractice, and Google Calendar.


LaTierra Piphus


9 July 2020

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Calendly SimplePractice Google Calendar
Has an app

Anyone can use it

Integrates across all calendars

Offers Team Pages

Integrates with Zoom, GotoMeeting & Join.Me

Not free, but can do a monthly membership and cancel afterwards

Round Robin Team Function
Strictly Telehealth site

Specifically for certified therapists - requests credentials, which doesn’t work for our alternative helpers

Strong security measures which may cause increased barriers on the Healers end (Bank-level security)

Offers a mobile app

Not free or accessible
Free for Google

Allows for video conferencing add-ons but those you have to pay for

Easy to use - maybe

More popular/familiar

App capabilities

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LaTierra Piphus, “Scheduling Platform research and analysis,” Womanist Working Collective Archive, accessed October 23, 2021,

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