Allied Media Conference 2018 Workshop notes a revisions

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Allied Media Conference 2018 Workshop notes a revisions


Notes and revisions of the workshops for the Allied Media Conference 2018


Notes and revisions of the workshops for the Allied Media Conference 2018. Workshops entitled " Divestin' from Capitalism, Using Time Banks" and "The Womanist Working Collective & Unity in Our Community Time Bank." The document outlines suggestions from Allied Media conference and WWC's resolutions. Agenda, major topics, and time allotted is indicated on the documents.


Womanist Working Collective


9 May 2018

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AMC Suggestions
● Identifying the points of connection between your two proposals.
● Creating a session outline that is enriched by both proposals.
● Collaborating and compromising to find a good balance.

Workshop Proposal

First half of the workshop: (45 minutes)
This workshop is a brief orientation to the concept of Time Banking as a method of developing feasible economic alternative to transition out of the tragedy that is Capitalism. Our futures depend on transitioning into more Ecologically Just* ways of living, instead of merely surviving off the scraps of our current system.

How is this connected to media-based organizing?
Our workshop uses a root problem analysis through, holistic solution-building, collective visioning and resource-mapping through our development of our time banking project. Our attempts at divesting from Capitalism and investing in collective-center, people-powered alternatives is the bulk of our work.

Second half of the workshop: (45 minutes)
How do we value the contributions of those in our movements, especially our work is not properly funded? We’ll explore how TimeBanks can be a tool for valuing people, redefining the way we think about work, and building community connections with respect. After a brief introduction to TimeBanks, we’ll brainstorm how they can fit into the movements and projects we’re already working on. Participants will walk away with new tools and ideas on how to value the human component of their work.

How is this connected to media-based organizing?
A TimeBank is in many ways a Resource Map. We use open-source, web-based software that allows everyone in our community to share their skills in an equitable manner. The ultimate goal of the TimeBank is network of mutual aid where everyone is able to share their gifts and have their needs met. This network and way of thinking can facilitate holistic solution building and give anyone the tools to take on leadership of their own project.

New Proposed Merged Workshop Proposal (90 minutes)
(Provide a 200 character (or less) description of your session for the AMC2018 program book. Please be clear and specific to help participants understand exactly what to expect. Once submitted, changes to this description cannot be made.)

So, can we all finally agree that Capitalism is trash? Learn how some community groups are divesting from it. After an intro to TimeBanks, we’ll explore how this concept can fit into all our movements.

New Proposed Merged Outline
I. Introducing the concept of Time Banking
II. Historical & Cultural Context as it related to Communities of Color
III. How Time Banks can help divest from Capitalism
IV. Activity
--Break/Intermission (5 mins)--
V. Illustrating concrete examples of exchanges UOC members have done
A. Using TimeBanks for Nonprofits as volunteer software
B. TimeBanking in established projects/relationships
C. TimeBanking to bridge cultural divides
1. Cooking classes with Welcoming Michigan
VI. Explaining or demonstrating how time banking works for UOC/walk-thru how to bank time
A. hOurworld and TimeBanksUSA demonstrations- pros/cons
VII. Discussion of how to use TimeBanking for their existing organizations
VIII. Closing thoughts



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