Summer Retreat 2020 - Liberation Practice Space outline

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Summer Retreat 2020 - Liberation Practice Space outline


An outline of the Summer 2020 retreat - Liberation Practice Space


An outline of the Summer 2020 retreat - Liberation Practice Space.

This includes theme, place, date, group size, lodging, dining, retreat proposal, and sponsors.


Womanist Working Collective


20 March 2020

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Theme: Liberation as an Ecosystem

Space: Pendle Hill
Liberation Practice Village/Space
Fri. Jul. 3-Sun. Jul. 5, 2020

50 Guests (30 Overnight)

Barn Day Rental - Barn - becomes available to use at 9:30 AM each day after Meeting for Worship.

Private Room 7/03 Guests Bed & Breakfast 10
Shared Rooms 7/03 Guests Bed & Breakfast 20
Private Room 7/04 Guests Bed & Breakfast 10
Shared Rooms 7/04 Guests Bed & Breakfast 20

Dining: (Limit of 90 diners per meal)
Dinner Main House 7/03 Dinner - Main House 50
Lunch - Main House 7/04 Lunch - Main House 50
Dinner Main House 7/04 Dinner - Main House 50
Lunch - Main House 7/05 Lunch - Main House 50

Who we need to make this happen: Soil Generation (Health/Food Justice), Period Poverty organization (Health Justice-?), NCCFR, R&B Farms (Food Justice), Black & Brown Co-op, Philly Real Justice (Political Organizing), New Voices (Reproductive Justice), Youth-centered org, Elder-center org,

Sovereign, the project we’d like funded is a collaborative merging of ours and other radical work taking place in Philadelphia into a tangible practice village. So our time bank (solidarity economy), worker-owned cooperative (solidarity economy), black joy healing space (social solidarity & trauma informed care), community partners organizing work (political education and deep democratic governance), apothecaries and farming/food justice (health justice), environmental and land reclamation from community partnerships (ecological justice framework) into one space to build a community practice space. We’re envisioning what does all of our praxis look like in action and practice? Why must we wait to visualize liberation for ourselves and our communities? Whose timeline are we operating on?

For the last 4 years we’ve been resting really heavy on theory/theoretical approaches to developing community-based solutions, which was fine but didn’t allow for enough practice so we’re focusing on that and evaluation moving forward. We want to dive deeper into our vision and do more intentional alignment with our communities. There is less pretense for grassroots organizations like ours to operate in silos, yet most of us fall into that pattern anyway, modeling after ineffective non-profits. We can merge our work and collective visions for a better way forward, someone just has to take the initiative.

This proposal is for both an extension of our past projects and our attempts at realizing our collective’s vision:
1. To exist as a supportive and empowering community network to shift Black womyn & femmes in moving past merely surviving, but thriving; Prioritizing physical, emotional, moral and social safety (or using trauma-informed care practices/Healing Justice Frameworks); Centering the overall health and wellness of our members and extended community.
2. To transition ourselves and our communities into an Ecologically Just* society. This umbrella concept encompasses bringing balance to the environment(s)/ecosystems we live in, ending social inequality (racial justice, economic justice, gender justice, reproductive justice, environmental justice, etc.) and dismantling oppressive governing structures guided by Imperialist White Supremacist Capitalist CisHeteroPatriarchy. *[Ecologically Just] Ecological justice (JUSTICE BASED ON APPLIED KNOWLEDGE OF HOME) Ecological Justice is the state of balance between human communities and healthy ecosystems based on thriving, mutually beneficial relationships and participatory self-governance. We see Ecological Justice as the key frame to capture our holistic vision of a better way forward.
3. Black Liberation which improves our overall society at large.



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