Self-Care Workshop Proposal - Community Based Prevention Services

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Self-Care Workshop Proposal - Community Based Prevention Services


A self-care workshop proposal for Community Based Prevention Servies


A self-care workshop proposal for Community Based Prevention Servies in June 2018. The Proposal outlines the duration, price, WWC background, workshop description, and a short agenda of the workshop.


Womanist Working Collective


24 April 2018

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Date: June 2018
Workshop Duration: 2.5 hours
Organization: Community Based Prevention Services (CBPS), DHS; Philadelphia, PA
Price: $225

About the Womanist Working Collective
The Womanist Working Collective is a social action and support collective for Black womyn (both cis & trans), femmes & gender variant folks. Our Community Education work facilitates conversations on self-care, building Communities of Practice, economic cooperation, Womanism and Black Liberation.

Workshop Description
This workshop is developed to help participants understand and incorporate the concept of self-care into their daily lives. There is emphasis placed on how practicing these concepts may help prevent staff burn-out and turn-over by giving them the necessary tools to process and release the emotional baggage they inevitably pick up as a worker in social services, whether through direct or indirect engagement with service recipients. The goals for this workshop are to (1) identify self-care as a vital tool for everyday life, (2) to help participants recognize how they’ve been (possibly unconsciously) practicing self-care thus far and (3)to develop with intent a reserve of self-care practices to use when managing stress.

Agenda Outline(Abridged)
I, Introductions
A. Ice Breaker
II. Definitions & Shared Understandings
A. Developing a shared understanding of self-care and related terminology; what it looks like, what it feels like and how it works
B. Discussion on self-care preventing staff burn-out/turn-over
C. Theories and evidence-based practice behind self-care
III. Self-care Mapping Exercise
A. Identify how they have already been practicing (possibly unconsciously/without intention) self-care
IV. Build your own Self-care Tool Kit
A. Walking participants through intentionally developing their own set of healthy and intentional self-care practices to use during especially stressful times
V. Closing
Take-aways & Resource List



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