Community Advisory Committee Invitation draft 2

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Community Advisory Committee Invitation draft 2


Second draft of the invitation to the Community Advisory Committee


Second draft of the invitation to the Community Advisory Committee


Womanist Working Collective


13 March 2020

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Greetings (their name),

You’re invited to join our Community Advisory Committee at The Kitchen Table! We’re developing a hand-selected group made up of our most valued community partners and activists. In Womanist Praxis, the Kitchen Table symbolizes a central place of gathering “[...] unified by the pleasure and nourishment of food and drink. At the table, people can come and go, agree or disagree, take turns talking or speak all at once, and laugh, shout, complain, or counsel—even be present in silence. It is a space where the language is accessible and the ambience casual. At the kitchen table, people share the truths of their lives on equal footing and learn through face-to-face conversation. When the kitchen table metaphor is applied to political problem-solving situations, the relations of domination and subordination break down in favor of more egalitarian, interpersonal processes.” (The Womanist Reader, 2006)
Benefits of joining our Community Advisory Committee:
● Use your own expertise and lived-experience to grow leading Womanist Praxis in Philadelphia
● Participate in philanthropy through the redistribution of resources to our community
● Receive on-going gratitude and compensation for your time and labor at $25/hour
The Womanist Working Collective functions as a Community of Practice whose primary focus is centering the Quality of Life for Black women (both cis & trans), femmes, girls and Gender Non-conforming folks. By centering our holistic well-being from an Equity Lens, we expand the conversation past just ensuring that we are safe and able to survive these conditions to demanding and co-creating the optimal conditions for us all to thrive wherever we are.

Our Vision:
1. To exist as a supportive and empowering community network to shift Black womyn & femmes in moving past merely surviving, but thriving; Prioritizing physical, emotional, moral and social safety (or using trauma-informed care practices/Healing Justice Frameworks); Centering the overall health and wellness of our members and extended community.

2. To transition ourselves and our communities into an Ecologically Just* society. This umbrella concept encompasses bringing balance to the environment(s)/ecosystems we live in, ending social inequality (racial justice, economic justice, gender justice, reproductive justice, environmental justice, etc.) and dismantling oppressive governing structures guided by the Imperialist White Supremacist Capitalist CisHeteroPatriarchy.

*[Ecologically Just] Ecological justice (JUSTICE BASED ON APPLIED KNOWLEDGE OF HOME) Ecological Justice is the state of balance between human communities and healthy ecosystems based on thriving, mutually beneficial relationships and participatory self-governance. We see Ecological Justice as the key frame to capture our holistic vision of a better way forward.

3. Black Liberation which improves our overall society at large.

We believe that projects we develop or support externally can help change the entire culture of how Black women and femmes are held in this country, but at the very least this should help improve conditions locally and currently. We believe you’re a vital component in making this happen both individually and collectively.
Everyone is asked to participate within whatever capacity they can offer at the time, but we are requesting a commitment of 4 hours per month to the CAC, with at least 2 of those hours taking place in a monthly committee meeting, which may be available via video or phone-conference. Helping with any WWC’s upcoming community events, on-going projects or providing peer support are just some of the ways your other hours may be spent; however, you can get as creative as you’d like.
We appreciate you taking the time to consider joining The Kitchen Table through the CAC. You can give us your decision after attending the first committee meeting. Please complete the Doodle here by Sunday, March 15, 2020.

(Your Name)
The Womanist Working Collective


Womanist Working Collective , “Community Advisory Committee Invitation draft 2,” Womanist Working Collective Archive, accessed August 11, 2022,

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