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Interactive Web Activity.docx
Activity sheet for the time banking workshop "Divestin' from Capitalism, Using Time Banking." The activity is intended to show the interconnectivity between human needs, skills, and services. The activity uses yarn to make a literal web in the…

New Skills Inc. brings you.png
Flyer for the Spring Membership Retreat 2019 including date, time, location, childcare information, and contact information.

Village Aunties Write-up.docx
Program description for Village Aunties Childcare Co-op. The document explains that there are two tracks: Track A
This track requests parents dedicate 5 hours per month to the cooperative or larger collective. At least 1.5 hours goes towards the…

Circle of Friends.pdf
Activities and instructions from The Food Project for the Spring Retreat 2018. Activities were Trust Pinball, Trust Box, Trust Wave, and Circle of Friends.

Retreat Logistics.xlsx
Logistics document for the Spring Retreat 2018 with registration numbers for events and agendas

womanist _ PRINCIPLES.pdf
Handout of Womanist Principles for the Spring Retreat 2018 printed from the WWC website.
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